Inspire Series Workshops

If I was to tell you that there is a series of practical, consultant lead workshops covering a range of popular topics, designed to help you deal with real world challenges, produced and delivered by people who live and breath this stuff day in and day out... I would hope you answer would be - okay, so when and where?

Day 1: Active Directory - Design and Implementation
Day 2: Active Directory - Administration & Management
Day 3: Managing your Environment (SMS 2003 & MOM 2005)
Day 4: The Windows System
Day 5: Exchange 2003
Over the summer last year I, along with consultants from CMS produced the Inspire series of workshops, largely based on your feedback and designed with an interractive 'best tool for the job' approach. We ran the workshops locally and found them to be so popular Dell Canada and CMS are taking them East to West Coast. What sets these apart from many others is that the entire series walks you through common scenarios that we come across in the field and show you how to design, implement and maintain these real world solutions. I would strongly suggest going to the Dell web site and checking out the detailed descriptions and attending a workshops near you.
As always, let me have your feedback.

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