Regional Weather Station with MSN Direct Weather Data Service

For all of the weather watchers out there (and in Canada I think that means all of us...) I have over the summer had the priviledge of testing this little beauty:

There were a number of us that had the alpha models and were able to provide a whole whack of feedback to the developers on how this worked for us and I have to say that the final product rocks!

If you can imagine that this device gets it's updates from the local MSN Direct weather service and provides and up to date forecast for the now and the next 3 days as well as a whole host of weather info like wind speed direction, temp, pressure, including trends etc. Couple that with the messaging / alerting system that scrolls across the screen on a nice big display. Then you have one great weather station. I would suggest checking it out!

The specs can be found here:

Blurb: This comprehensive desktop weather station receives up-to-the-minute regional weather information and much more, provided by The Weather Channel® via MSN Direct. Categorized into distinct, easy-to-read fields, the blue backlit LCD screen shows regional indoor and outdoor temperatures; barometric pressure; humidity with trend indicator; minimum and maximum indoor temperatures and humidity history; wind speed; wind direction; gust wind; wind chill; dew-point temperature; heat index; UV index; rain level within the last 24 hours; sunrise/sunset times; visibility; and moon phase.

This convenient unit also shows the three-day forecast, precipitation probability, plus an EPA air-quality reading. If severe weather approaches, it emits a warning message from the National Weather Service. The LCD displays hour, minute and seconds with U.S. time zone designation (+23 hours), plus the day of the week in five languages.

Also featured is an alarm clock with crescendo alarm or a melodic alarm tone, both with snooze. Measures 6" x 10" x 1"; weighs 21 oz. Plugs into outlet with included adapter. Backup runs on 4 AA batteries (order separately). One-year warranty.

MSN Direct FM signals reach most but not all areas of the U.S. and Canada; visit to check your area.


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