Hotfixes – do they cost or not?

I was reading a colleague of mine's blog today (Rick Claus) and it seems he has done a bit of digging on whether hotfixes actually cost to get hold of. I personally thought it was a daft idea if a fault is known about and a fix available, why should I have to pay? I have been asked this question many times myself.

It seems that you don't have to pay to ge hold of the hotfix. If you read Rick's post:

He explains that "if it’s a fix that requires you to contact Microsoft and it resolves your problem, call in!  If it does not resolve your problem and you need to call back – regular support charges will apply."

Now I would suggest next time you need that hotfix, don't bother to go hunting for it on the Internet, just give our tech support guys a call and they I am sure will help you out..


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  1. Kent Chen says:

    That’s what I did every time when I found there is a hotfix that specificly fixes to my problem. The only thing that bothers me every time though is I have to find the number to give Microsoft tech support a call.

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