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I sat down over the weekend and was looking for some information for a friend and I thought I would share some links to resources with you... TechNet for me is a resource kit and anything that can help me find the tools quickly when I need them is good, so I encourage you all to share your knowledge of the toolkit.

The home of TechNet Canada is

This has a link to one of the most useful resources in it's own right, The IT Pro Resource Guide. The document has a huge number of links in it and is well worth downloading. It breaks down the areas of TechNet by technology, by product and by area. It also includes the calendar for the year to give you plent of notice on what is coming up in the tours.

The events calendar can be found at: and there is an option to create your own personalised calendar.

The script centre can be found at: and though I post many on this blog, there are literally hundreds more to help you. A great example of this is the awesome tool; Scriptomatic:

I spend a great deal of time testing in Virtual Machines and not everyone has a copy, so you can get a trial version from:

If you don't want to build your own virtual machines, or would like to try things out before you build your own, the virtual hands-on labs are awesome:

There are also many times when people have posted on their blogs useful information. You can get to all the TechNet blogs at




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