3rd Decade of Windows

If you have been watching CTV this weekend, you may have caught a segement on the 20th anniversary of Windows. Oh and yes, you would have seen me demoing Windows Vista... If you didn't, we have been celebrating looking at the last 20 years and looking forward to the future with Windows Vista so keep watching.

The press event last week enabled me to showcase some of the features around the Security, Management, Connectivity and Search etc. Though in 10 minutes  you can but scratch the surface. It was however a privilege to work along side David Hemler (President Microsoft Canada) and Elliot Katz (Windows Product Manager) at such an interesting event. Prior to the Windows Vista session a number of partners showcased their techologies over the years and gave a glimpse of what they are doing today and looking towards the future with Windows.

The demos I did were:

User Account Protection

Parental Controls

Volume Shadow Copy

The Mobility Manager

Windows Collaboration (Ad-Hock Desktop)

Windows Search and saved queries

Organising data in Vista

Visualising information

Flip (Alt + TAB)

Flip 3D (Winkey + TAB)

There were a number of interviews conducted after the event and I hope you all had a chance to connect.


Comments (1)

  1. sam says:

    Hi Bruce

    I am so glad to know you and I hope to see you soon

    I really enjoy the (Alt+Tab)combination, but I have not tried it yet in Windows VISTA.

    I think of it as a Memory Refresher and I always want to make use of it in other Microsoft Products, such as; Server products when you open several cofiguration dialog boxes.

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