What is TechNet?

A big focus for the TechNet Innovations Tour is to let you know what we have done in TechNet over the last year. Ths ranges from improvements to the web site to provide easier access to information to our curricumlum approach during the tour calendar. I did however come away from Victoria, Vancouver and Calgary wondering if people are still asking "what is TechNet?".

For me, TechNet is really 3 things:

- A way in which I can communicate with you and share my knowledge and passion for technology.

- A way you can connect with us [the TechNet Team] and get information, learn and help yourself.

- A toolbox of knowledge, help, tools and utilities.

I would really like to get your feedback as to what you see and use within TechNet..... Give me the good, the bad and the ugly! As you can see from many of my blog posts, I try to link back to sections of the TechNet site and share with you resources I find. I would also like for you to share your findings with others as well.

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