Oracle to SQL migrations

I will admit to the fact that I can spell SQL ( I am an infrastructure and Security guy after all). I was however curious enough to sit down and start playing with SQL2005 this week and was most surprised to notice quite a few differences between SQL 2000 and 2005... and I have to say for the better. I really like the new Manager and especially from a security stand point like the fact that out of the box, the new version is much better at handling not only securiy, but gives you immense amounts of control over very granular access control.

Now where does the Oracle migraton some in to it. I was asked a while ago about exactly that and not having the knowledge myself defer to the guys that know. It seems there are quite a number of factors to consider, but Damir Bersinic, one of my colleagues has decided to blog about it, rather than just tell me. you can find his post(s) on his blog: I would also watch Barnaby Jeans' blog: as he has [amongst other things] an awesome SQL background.


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