TASK – The Toronto area Security Klatch – www.task.to

... and before you ask, a
Klatch is (according to dictionary.com) “A casual social gathering,
usually for conversation”. Between you and me I went to look this up on
the Oxford English Dictionary and they wanted me to subscribe before telling…

Anyway, I was speaking to a recruiter earlier today
(don’t worry my boss knows – I told him!) and he was asking where
all the IT security professionals hang out around here. Now that is an easy one
to answer, we all hang out at TASK. For those of you that don’t know, href="http://www.task.to/">TASK (or the Toronto Area Security Klatch) is a relatively
new user group in Toronto, but has already shown itself to be a rising star in
the community. I am proud to say that I am a founding member and part of the
executive, but if it wasn’t for the passion and effort of the other
members of the team, we would not be in the position we are today.

What I hear you ask is that position, well as far as
I can tell, we are one of the largest IT Security user groups in the country. I
know the guys over on the west coast are pretty big (and I hope to be working
with them at their conference later on this year) but for a young upstart like
us, 400 odd members is really awesome. This group consists of IT Professionals and
we discuss, share and learn everything from New Technologies to Emerging
Threats and Managing Security to laws & Regulations. If you are interested
in IT security in any way, or would just like to learn, this is the place for you.
We meet in downtown Toronto on a monthly basis but do not restrict our forums,
so if you live outside the area, feel free to look us up: href="http://www.task.to/">www.task.to

On that note, if you would like to set up a user
group in your area or have one and need a little assistance, please feel free
to contact me via my blog.

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