What to bring to the Vista Beta 1 Install Fest

A number of people have asked me what they should bring along on the 27th, so I have compiled a short list J

Yourself (obviously)

A computer including screen, mouse, keyboard and all cables (power, video etc). This is very important as we will not have spares on site… I posted a list of video drivers that will be available: http://blogs.technet.com/brucecowper/articles/409228.aspx so if you can I would suggest a card with LLDM (aero glass compatible drivers). If you don't have a machine to bring along and have signed up, please come along anyway and be a part of the experience...

Please also remember that you will need a blank partition or drive as the Windows Vista Beta 1 requires a clean installation (no upgrades)!

A DVD drive –the Windows Vista Beta 1 comes on DVD!

Laptops are ideal as they save space J and remember that we will be making available the Virtual Machine Additions (beta) for Windows Vista so running under Virtual PC or Virtual Server 2005.

Please also remember that this is a charity event so we are asking for donations for the Children’s Miracle Network (money) and / or the Mississauga Food Bank (non perishable food items)… This is not compulsory but very much appreciated.

We will be supplying the Windows Vista Beta 1 and making available the VM Additions beta as well as our library of drivers. There will also be people (The great Nerds on Site guys) on hand to help you.

I am really looking forward to the event as I hope you are so see you all there.


Oh yes, nearly forgot… anyone not registered can go to the TASK (www.task.to) or TWSUG (www.twsug.com) forums where I have placed links to the event registration… I think there are a very few places left… you think I am joking, but last count there were nearly 300 people registered!

Comments (2)

  1. Hossein says:

    Hi Bruce

    You have talked about a free partition for Windows Vista instalation, But you didn’t say anything about the size of partition.


  2. I suggest a minumum of 8GB of free space in the partition… then look at all of the apps you might install on to the drive 🙂

    See you on Saturday


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