Windows Vista Beta 1 Install Fest x86 Driver list

I have put together a list of the x86 video drivers for the install fest. I suggest that if you can, use a card listed with LLDM after the name as these support Aero Glass.

The list can be found here:

I will have a suite of other drivers available and can confirm I have now deployed Vista on a larger range of machines including several SATA controllers (NON RAID), IDE, Adaptec 2940 SCSI and a number of procs; AMD 64 bit process, Intel P4, Intel P3. 4 laptops; Dell Inspiron 8000, Dell Inspiron 8200, Toshiba Tecra M2 and Toshiba M200 Tablet PC.

I am pleased to say that the more I use Beta 1, the more impressed I am in the stability and support.

If you come across systems and drivers others that are not on this list, please feel free to let us all know


Comments (4)

  1. tejaaa says:

    I cannot see the link mate. I get an error saying "Either this forum does not exist or you are not allowed to post.".

  2. Jeffrey Tindillier says:

    My experiences have not been as good as yours. Forgetting that the x64 bit version took almost 2.5 hours to install, there are practically no drivers. No drivers for my video card, wireless card, printer, scanner, etc.

    I am not complaining as I realize this is a beta but man, it sure is tough playing on the bleeding edge 🙂

  3. Okay okay, I fixed the link to the article 🙂

    I must admit I have had some hassle with hardware not on the list, but I did find that in general newish hardware worked well 1st time out of the box. Anything that I couldn’t get standard XP/2003 x64 drivers for, I had a challenge getting to work under Vista x64. I did try a fair range of hardware and different systems and in each case got the system to work. Maybe I just don’t give up, but as you mentioned it is Beta 1 🙂


  4. Rodney Buike says:

    Works fine on my Dell Inspiron 600m. Only driver the supplemental driver pack did not have was for the modem 🙂

    Linksys WPC54G 802.11g card worked flawlessly.

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