Vista Beta 1

Have any of you started using the Vista Beta 1 yet?

I have been using the various builds internally for a while and decided recently to extend this to the members of the TASK and TWSUG user groups by putting on a Vista Beta 1 Install Fest later this month.

During this (and what could only be described as a fun ‘Nerd’ session – okay maybe that is just me and the guys from Nerds On Site) we will have around 300 people in a room gaining hands on experience with Vista Beta 1…. Attendee feedback will also go directly to the dev teams in Redmond… I am also pleased to say that the event is being supported by Nerds On Site. We will be giving away a whole host of prizes, and best of all we are asking for donations to help support the Children’s Miracle Network and Mississauga Food Bank.

Now, why you ask have I restricted the event? The answer is simple – the space we have is limited.

The next question is; How can I get involved? The answer again is simple, join either TASK and/or TWSUG in the next few days and I will be sending out a reminder email to all members (including the link of how to register!)

For those of you who have registered, please watch my blog for information and suggestions on the Vista Beta 1 Install Fest!

Comments (1)

  1. Mark says:

    I would have loved to have tried Vista Beta but MS doesn’t have it for download and it hadn’t come in my TechNet subscription. Can’t make the event so I guess I’m SOL?

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