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I had a chance a couple of weeks ago to visit the Microsoft UK office and hook up with my colleagues there… Thanks guys, I appreciated the lunch etc! Okay, where is the point to this, well I thought I would give you my thoughts after the recent events there.

It is about 18 months or so since I was last in the UK and although I talk to my friends and family over there on a regular basis, I was amazed at the difference after that time. Maybe it is just living in Canada now and maybe it is because of the recent bombings, but one of the biggest reasons I moved to Toronto were the friendly people. Going back to the UK, I do wonder if recent events have caused a little bit or a resurgence of the war time spirit of resilience and camaraderie.

Before I moved away, many of my friends and family were disillusioned with life there, especially those in the South East due to the frenetic pace of life and over-crowding. On this trip those that had not moved away (and I would like to welcome my Brother and his family to Canada – 2 week Canadians!) but those left have a rather grim determination, especially those living in and around London.

Where do you ask does the Microsoft office come in, well apart from the obvious security, it seems life goes on… I really enjoyed getting together with the team, even if it was for a short time (I was on vacation after all). These guys do much as we and travel around the country doing events for Microsoft and seem to be having fun with the UK IT Pro Community. I do want Thanks the team for their hospitality and give them a quick mention:

Eileen Brown: Eileen Brown's WebLog

John Howard: John Howard's WebLog

Steve lamb: Steve lamb's Blog

Mat Stephen: Mat Stephen (UK)

I look forward to seeing you all again soon and keep the flag flying!

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