Virtual Server Webcasts

From your feedback it seems that the demonstrations on tools sich as the VSTM (Virtual Server Migration Toolkit) have captured a huge amount of imagination....

As you probably have noticed, I am rather passionate about Virtualisation Technololgy (and the coolest part is that I get to use the tools, talk about and demonstrate them all the time!). It seems you are also more than interested.

Many of you I have spoken to have suggested webcasts as a great way to connect, others are asking for more formalised presentations.... what do you think?

Comments (2)

  1. rod says:

    Webcasts are a great idea (so are blogcasts)! I spend alot of time, maybe too much time, participating in webcasts. The can be a great source of information, much like the demo’s given during the Technet Tours and the UG mettings.

  2. Dennis says:

    The only problem I have with webcasts is that it is easy to get distracted. At work, there are always people dropping by my desk for issues or whatever. At home, there are distractions (phone ringing, doorbell, family memebrs interupting, etc.). I always end up missing the parts of the webcast that I wanted to hear. At least at an offsite (Microsoft event) I’m not distracted and I can focus on what information is important.

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