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I had a question the other day from someone saying 'why do you take the side panels off your demo computers during some of the sessions - do they run too hot 🙂 ?'

The answer is simple - 'No, I get so many people asking me what is in side the boxes, I take the side panels off some times just so people can look inside!'. In fact one of my colleagues is putting together a new box with a clear case just so people can do the same without removing the side panels....

The specs for the box are:

  • 1 - Antec Aria Micro ATX Tower Case w/ 300W PS
  • 1 - Asus P4P800-VM S478 DDR Micro ATX (lan, USB2.0, video & audio)
  • 2 - Western Digital 200GB 7200RPM 8MB SATA150 HD
  • 1 - Intel Pentium IV 3.2E 800B (1MB) S478 RETAIL (TM)
  • 4 - DDR Corsair PC3200 (400) 1GB C2 TWINX
  • 1 - Pioneer DVR-108D 16X DVD+/-RW OEM - BLACK

I have seen some 64 bit versions of the same thing as well. The only other change I would make to this spec is to use a PCI Video card instead of the built in version, to allow for more flexible resource allocation on the motherboard. I am not necessarily saying these are the best components, nor cheapest, but they work well for us!


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  1. Andrew says:

    Wish I had a box with 4gb of ram :). Guess I have to start scrounging the pennies.

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