Calgary IT Pro User Group

I hope by now you all know that there is great group of people that call themselves the Calgary IT Pro User Group (CIPUG). If not, you do now - so go get involved! I had the immense pleasure of talking to the group on Monday night and hopefully you got a great deal out of the session as I did... I know that Bil and Drew are very keen to get you all going along to the events etc.

There were a few things that we were asked many times during the day....

The group is run by local IT Professionals, for IT Professionals and is very much designed to give you a forum in which to network with each other, share ideas and challenges as well as give you all a way to talk directly with Microsoft. There is no membership charge for the group and I know Bil and Drew are always looking for people to help support the group with anything from venues and speakers to suggestions of topics for events. I urge you to give them your support!

You can find the group at:

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