’bout time too.

A number of things have happened recently that are 'bout time too...

Firstly, I have been remiss in not posting for over a week. So am remedying that as we speak.

Secondly, I finally got around to fully playing with Server 2003 RC1.

Thirdly, we are in the final planning stages of the 2005 Spring TechNet tour and boy are we jazzed about this one. We took the feedback from the last tour and have one awesome event for you all. I will also let you in to a secret that Rick and I presented the Toronto event together and it went down so well that we will be repeating the experience in Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa. The amazing part was that Rick and I had only met a few times before and never presented together.....

Lastly, I promised more tools, so here goes.

Do you remember in the dim and distant past that I blogged about oldcmp (thanks to Dwight Bittner). Well that prompted a series of conversations between myself and Joe (of joeware.net fame - the guy who wrote the tool) and it seems he has more of them....(including a new version of oldcmp). For the full Monty go to his site; www.joeware.com. Here is just a short list:

AccExp - Account expiration tool.

AdFind - Active Directory query tool.

AdMod - Active Directory modification tool.

ATSN - IP to Subnet/Site Information tool.

Auth - Authentication test tool.

ChangePW - Administrative password set utility.

ClientTest - GUI socket test tool.

CPAU - Create process as another user.

ELDLL - Event log resource DLL.

ELDLLEx - Event log resource DLL pair, see docs.

ExchMbx - Exchange Mailbox command line tool.

Expire - Bulk password expiration tool.

FindExpAcc - Finds expired accounts and accounts with expired passwords.

FindNBT - Scans networks for Windows machines.

FindPDC - Verifies PDC can be located and responds properly.

GCChk - GC verifier, lingering object checker.

GetUserInfo - User information display tool.

LG - Local group manipulation tool.

MemberOf - Display user's group memberships.

NetSess - Session enumeration tool.

OldCmp - Old User/Computer maintenance tool.

Quiet - Launches processes in background.

SecData - Display security info about users/computers.

SecTok - Enumerate groups in security token.

SeInteractiveLogonRight - Grant logon locally rights.

SidToName - Convert SIDs to user friendly names.

SNU - Network share connection tool, primarily for monitoring scripts.

SvcUtil - Service infomation display tool.

Unlock - AD Domain unlock Tool.

UserDump - Dumps basic user info for all users on machine/domain.

UserName - Display current userid in multiple formats.

W2KLockDesktop - Lock desktop.

WriteProt - Write Protect arbitrary disk volumes.

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