Do you know what is out there on TechNet?

As per my last blog posting... I thought it would be useful to let you know some of what is available as really cool and useful resources on TechNet Canada (okay I will also include some world wide links as well)

At the end of presentations, workshops and talks I do I normally include the link to the main page:

That seems like a good place to start. So where would I go next. The next obvious place is to see who Team Canada are. Please disregard any pictures with me in as I hate having my photo being taken... You can also find out more info about us.. enough of the shameless plug for our own fame and fortune!

I have mentioned the TechNet Flash on several occasions and highly recommend signing up for it. You are able to customise the type of content you would like to see, so make sure you edit your profiles!

For me, the Security Newsletter is great. It contains lots of useful articles and information about bulletins etc. I get quite a number of my useful blogging articles from here.

Now you are kept up to date on a regular basis... I would suggest bookmarking a few useful areas.

As the site changes regularly I have included below some general links I use, please let us all know about areas you find useful:

The Community:

Canadian User Groups:

TechNet Events:

TechNet Security:

   Security Topics:

   Security Bulletin Search:

   Security Management Columns:

Script Centre:

   Scripting Guy:

   Tales from the Script: or

TechNet Virtual Labs:

What's new on TechNet:

I will be posting about other areas of TechNet I find useful and interesting. Please let me know about areas of interest to you, or even if you are unable to find something!


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  1. Steve Lamb says:

    Great summary Bruce.

    BTW I hate having my picture taken too!

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