Blog Spam

I have fought long and hard to avoid doing this, but because of the volume and content of some of the blog spam that some people have seen fit to put on my blog, I have had to resort to approving all comments that are posted here. I have spent a great deal of time researching a better solution than this, but it will have to work for now until the admins provide a better fix!

Sad as it may seem, there are those who actually think we want to see adverts and are gullible enough to click on dubious sites to have our systems infected with malware. So because you would like to trust the people who come to your site who hopefully find useful information, you allow, ney encourage feedback and comments. Until such time as those who like to spoil it for the rest of us come along.

Enough of my rant. Suffice it to say that I would very much like to encourage you all to continue posting your comments and emailing me about your cool tools and links etc. Just don't be too put off when your comments don't appear immediately.

Have a great New Year and Enjoy!

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