As if you hadn’t had enough of me blogging today.

I got some time today and decided to add to my blog as quite rightly I was chastised the other day for having a break of over 2 weeks between posts. I have been away on a training course in Redmond. Now call me synical but I thought it rained a great deal in BC. Now I love BC and have family there but Redmond, now that is a wet place! I went with one of my colleagues Rick (an MS IT Pro guy from Ottawa).

He posted about it the other day: There were MS people from all over the world. So if you came along and read this make sure you say Hi!

The thing is that team Canada made a bit of an impression. Okay, more than a bit I think.But during this time and subsequently we met some amazing people, drank a few beers and talked a great deal.

We are now in the process of gearing up for the spring 2005 tour and I am really looking forward to coming back to see everyone again! watch this space for dates etc.

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