Windows XP SP2 Deployment

Have you within your company deployed Windows XP Service Pack 2? If so I would really like to hear from you as to your successes and challenges!

I am looking to put together a section on Windows XP SP2 on this blog specifically looking at your decision making processes, your technical achievements and your suggestions for others. They may also be opportunities to shout your successes from the heights in terms of publicity!

I really look forward to hearing from you all!

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  1. James Summerlin says:

    The biggest problem I have had with deploying SP2 is third party programs – especially medical software. Here are the reasons why:

  2. paul says:


    It’s typical Microsoft software. The add-on manager for IE which "allows" one to lock active X controls is a complete nightmare.

    If you want to push the lock down via GPO we have identified over 80 diffrent CLSIDs!!!!! The worst part no exporting of the CLSID from said add-on manager. In addition tracking these down via the add-on manager, highjack-this and registry monitor is impossible. Try running Project Server, Sharepoint, OWA or any javascript app with the add-on GPO. I understand the lockdown of SP2 since the OS is so poorly written but how about all the stupid Active X controls not listed in the add-on manger.

  3. Fran McLoughlin says:

    Some of our SP2 upgrades have been highly iffy for our customers…

    At least we have been able to roll them back with System Restore and have them turn off Automatic Update. Then when they choose to update at least they are in control at the time.

    As long as they keep their antivirus, spyware and firewalls in good shape everything seems to be fine. Any screwups and the System Restore comes to the fore. Rolling them back upstream of the Software Distribution System (I think that is the term…) feature seems to solve the problem.

    SP2 is still not really mainstream for the "avarage" XP consumer.

    Fran McLoughlin

  4. Rod Stratton says:


    You couldn’t be more wrong. I have done hundreds of SP2 installs and only once did I have an problem. A third party program was identified as not being compatible with SP2, and the computers that were running that particular software didn’t get SP2.

    The people that are going ahead and installing SP2 without doing their homework are going to have problems. You need to install on test machines first and test all of your applications. You also need to visit the developers website and find out if the software you are running is compatible.

    As far as the "avarage" XP consumer is concerned, SP2 is a must have and they shouldn’t have any problems.

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