Winnipeg IT Pro User Group – Fall Tour Day 11

This group go down for me as one of the best and most friendly, not just of the tour but of those I have met. We had about 30 people who came along last night and were just awesome. Now I will explain why I made those comments; For me the thing I like most from the sessions is the audience interraction and the questions. I gauge success not by whether people shower me with compliments, but by whether people feel that they got something from me being there. I also encourage all types of questions and feedback. To me the best thing is about seeing how many people stay to talk at the end of the session. Last night we had to be moved out of the presentation room and only the cold broke the conversations...

The big thing for you is that it is obvious many people are passionate about technology and I think are excited about the prospect of the Winnipeg IT Professional User Group. So I encourage you all to get involved. If you are interested, and especially didn't come to the innaugural meeting last night, I strongly suggest contacting WITPUG:

Gary Dikkema:

Peter Gorzen:

I just want to thank you all for helping me round my leg of the tour by a great evening.

I really do look forward to speaking to you all again soon!

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  1. Owen Reynolds says:

    hope to see u again soon. I’m looking forward to our own winnipeg pro user community meeting next month as well hopefully not so far away this time!

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