Fall Tour Day 10 – Winnipeg

Hi All,

This is my first visit to Winnipeg and whilst it may be a little chilly outside, the atmosphere in the venue was anything but! I hope you all enjoyed the day as much as I did in talking with so many of you. I know I was asked many questions, so if I have yet to answer it in this blog, let me know.

Just as a quick reminder, the webcast for the Security Risk Management Discipline Presentation is on Monday November 15th at 4pm EST. I look forward to talking to you then.

To join in follow the instructions below.

You have been invited to a Microsoft Office Live Meeting. At the time of the meeting, click on the following link to attend:


Meeting Title: Security Rick Management Discipline Webcast

Audio Information: 1-866-500-6738 PIN: 364198

If you cannot click the meeting link above, or it does not work, please do the following:

Browse to: http://www.placeware.com/rm/microsoft/attend

Type your name

Type the Meeting ID as: bcowper422031

Type the Password as: 267471

Comments (2)

  1. Owen Reynolds says:

    great presentation on both days. Learned lots more than i didn’t know before on win xp sp 2, i now fully appreciate the importance of installing it, and glad i did when it came out, actually i’ve used it since (RC2!)

  2. Robert McLaren says:

    I Enjoyed the the presentations and I apreaciate the knowledge you displayed in answering my questions. I am glad to see the kind of improvement microsoft plans to impliment and i look forward to see what other imlimintations microsoft will have for us in the future. Personally i would love to see the windows firewall have better control for out going applications. I also was glad to know that the windows firewall service starts earlier in bootup then most other firewalls. The only think that i am still curious about was a utility that would copy logs from all the different servers to one location so i can enter in an ipaddress and select a time and see what computer and what user was on that station.i would also be interested in finding out what application could do that.

    Thank you for your time and effort.

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