Product Downloads and Evaluations

I am often asked how people can get hold of the software I talk about, either for demo or evaluation purposes. Whilst I try and remember to put links in to the TechNet Flash Affinity newsletter ahead of time, I thought it would be useful to tell you what resources are available to you on the site:

The TechNet Plus 2.0 Subscription. For all of those who don't know, this is an updated subscription service that provides all of the latest software etc on a license limited basis (not time limited!).

The TechNet Canada Eval Portal, where you can order or download many of the programs for evaluation purposes.

Did you know that you can try many of the products online? Well, you do now! Take advantage of the TechNet Virtual Labs.

For the individual products and tools I have been talking to you about recently:

Windows XP SP2:

Windows Server 2003:

Microsoft Baseline System Analyser (MBSA):

MOM 2005:

Virtual Server 2005:

Virtual PC 2004:


If there are any others you would like, or can suggest some links that would be usful to others, please let me know.

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