Fall Tour Day 9 – Victoria; What a city!

Hey, I know I have been raving about each city I go to, but things just keep getting better and better!

We had just over 200 people who put up with me talking all day and have even then heaped so much cool feedback and praise, so we must be doing something right!

The big resounding answer though that I got from everyone I spoke to, to the question - 'Do you want more?' was a resounding YES! This seems to be the case everywhere I go, but perhaps more emphatically said in Victoria. Hey, I love the city, so the more people that shout 'YES!' (all across Canada as well), the more we can try and do!

I did have a number of comments from people about not having enough time to write down everything, so as a reminder, all of the presentations can be downloaded from:


I can also announce that I have finalised the schedule for the follow up webchats / Q&A sessions. I will be posting a separate blog entry so you can all find the ones you are interested in easily.

For all of you who wanted to hear the Presentation on Security Risk Management Discipline, I aplogise if you were dissapointed by the replacement of this session by the Malware and invite you all to join me for a live webcast on November 15th. Further details will be posted.



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  1. Paolo Marcucci says:

    The only complaint I have is that it was too cold in the theatre 🙂

    But I liked both presentations (the user group and the Technet tour) a lot. Very interesting and full of tidbits that you may not run across every day.

    Thanks Bruce and see ya soon!

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