Calling all those interested in Virtual Server 2005.

I am planning on having a Virtual Server 2005 Webchat in the next week or so.

From the feedback I got from the SP2 Webchat it seems you would like me to cover certain aspects of the technologies within the format, so here is your chance!

Please post on here what you would like to talk about, your wants, your pain points and the more in depth information you would like to see....

If you don't you will all be forced to listen to me and what I want to talk about. Have your say and tell me what you want!

That goes for those of you who didn't come along to the presentation last week. Let me know so I can make sure everyone is catered for.


Comments (2)

  1. D Boyle says:

    I’m using Virtual Server as a Virtual Product Build system, since we have some build systems on linux, some on various flavors of unix, some windows boxes, some DOS boxes, etc. Instead of giving each development team its own build server, we have each time create their own build images, which get scheduled on a single common build piece of hardware.

    Right now we are using Virtual PC. We have a lot of problems starting and stopping images auto-magically. Virtual PC says it should shut down an image, but it leaves the host window up even after the thing is terminate, and we can’t get that window to go away.

    I’m looking for your APIs to remote control images starting, stopping, how can the image declare it is finished and have itself FULLY unloaded, window and all.


  2. Kelly Tien says:

    I’ve used Virtual PC 2004 for a while. But because we use some USB device(HASP hardware lock) which isn’t supported is Virtual PC, we can’t not utilize this great product. Is there any hope that Virtual Sever will eventually support USB device?


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