Calling all IT Pros in Vancouver!

Are you a member of VANTUG? If not - why not? Come along on November 1st and join in!

I am priveledged to be presenting Windows XP SP2 Security Technologies to the VANTUG community on the 1st November where I will be very pleased to take your questions and talk about the new features of Windows XP SP2.

For more details go to the VANGUT web site:

See you all there!

Comments (2)

  1. Andrew Colbeck says:

    This was a topic that came up several times. The link shows you the registry entry, to which there is a feedback item that describes how someone turned the registry entry into an .ADM suitable for Group Policy deployment. Nifty!

  2. Chaminda Jayasekara says:

    Hello Bruce,

    That was an excellent presentation. you did it very well. At the presentation you said you are going to publish on your blog XP command line commands to open ports and close port etc.

    If you have a document on same subject could you please send it me.

    thanks again.


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