Come One, Come All – The event of the fall is just around the corner!

Register Now for the TechNet Fall Tour 2004! 

At Microsoft we understand the critical need for IT pros to be equipped with the latest information on topics like Deploying and Managing Windows XP Service Pack 2, Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 and more. That's why we have developed this full-day session for you to get the answers you need, ask the tough questions, and network with other IT Professionals. Space is limited so Register Today!

You will all be glad to know that Rick and I will be criss crossing the country, bringing you the delights of the tour this fall. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you all there. For all of those we have yet to meet, please come and introduce yourselves... We will be the guys behind the podium.

Here is a summary of the information we will be imparting to you:

Session 1 - Deploying and Managing Windows XP Service Pack 2
In this session you will see how to plan and implement a successful Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) deployment. You will see how to prepare for deployment and learn best practices for testing mission-critical applications under SP2; how SP2 may be deployed through Systems Management Server 2003 and how to slipstream SP2 into new Windows XP installations; and how Group Policy can provide centralized and simplified management of SP2 components such as Windows Firewall and Automatic Updates.

Session 2 - Security and Risk Management Discipline
This session introduces the Security Risk Management Guide, which has been designed by Microsoft to help organizations establish a process for risk assessment, cost benefit analysis, and implementation of security countermeasures. The guide also provides information on establishing an ongoing process of security risk management. The session takes a qualitative approach to risk management, tying in best practices from both the industry as well as Microsoft's internal IT Group.

Session 3 - Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 Technical Overview
In this session we will take a look at the next version of Microsoft operations management product, MOM 2005, which enables increased levels of service availability for Windows Server System. Learn how IT operations staff can use MOM 2005 to stay aware of issues, respond to these issues quickly and accurately, and demonstrate accountability to stakeholders, allowing them to more reliably deliver IT.

Session 4 - New Features of Windows Server 2003 Active Directory - Scenario Based
In this session you will learn how new Active Directory features can benefit you in specific management, deployment, and maintenance scenarios. This presentation is broken into four sections, each section specifies a scenario that addresses pain points from Windows 2000 Active Directory deployments, and shows how new features of Windows Server 2003 addresses those pain points and makes management, and deployment easier. The four scenarios are: Active Directory administration, connecting separate forests, deploying Active Directory at small and branch offices, and Group Policy Management. This session targets small, medium, and large organizations that have deployed Active Directory or have chosen to wait for Windows Server 2003 to deploy Active Directory in order to address specific issues covered in these scenarios.

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