Windows 2012 Core Survival Guide – MacAddress, LinkSpeed and view single NICs

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MacAddress, LinkSpeed and view single NICs

There are a few more commands I want to add to wrap up this section about IPv4 settings.  This will give you all the cmdlet you need to get the same data as IPconfig /all.

Viewing MAC Address and NIC Link Speed

To view the MAC Address and NIC link speed I am going to use the Get-NetAdapter cmdlet  

PowerShell Command:

Get-NetAdapter | format-table interfaceindex, interfacealias, MacAddress, LinkSpeed –autosize

This command show the Network Adaptor settings Mac Address and LinkSpeed. 


Viewing just one Network Interface.

In order to view just a single network interface all of my previous post’s cmdlet can be filter.  You must know the "Interfaceindex" or the “InterfaceAlias” of the network interface you wish to output.  I am only going to show you how to use the InterfaceIndex in this post.

In each command you can add the following " Where Interfaceindex -eq <interfaceindex value> |" which will filter the output to only display one index selected.  Below is an example:

PowerShell Command:

Get-NetAdapter | Where Interfaceindex -eq 12 | format-table interfaceindex, interfacealias, MacAddress, LinkSpeed -autosize

This command allows us to display the properties on just one interface port.


If you wish to see all of the possible properties on this interface port you can use the following command.

PowerShell Command:

Get-NetIPAddress | Where Interfaceindex -eq 12 | format-list *


I hope you found this useful.  Please leave me a comment




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  1. Jeff Riley says:

    Thanks, just what I needed for MAC addresses on a new Win2012 server.

  2. Jason Bell says:

    Excellent Post – thanks for helping me

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    Thank you! Thats all I needed!

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    Perfect! Just what I needed! Thanks a bunch!

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    Thanks, this is what i was looking for.

  7. Leonid V. says:

    Thanks mate, your blog is really useful collection of things you would do in a core (and also non-core).
    Would be great to see some posts on the new 2016 core and the NANO server options` as I understand there will be no "changing your mind after installation of core.

  8. Brandon T. says:

    Thank you so much for this, the commands make sense after reading them. None the less, you saved me time!

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