Follow me and learn Windows Server 2012 – Clustered Shared Volumes

Hi Bruce here again!  Night 25 only 5 nights left in my quest.  Tonight I am learning about Clustered Shared Volumes.  Microsoft first introduced CSV in 2008R2 since then Microsoft has improved on it.  CSV in Failover clustering allow multiple nodes in a cluster to simultaneously access the same disk.  Here are some thinks I learned about CSV

  • CSV can fail over quickly without requiring a change in drive ownership
  • The failover will not require a dismount or remount of the CSV Volume
  • It helps simplify management
  • Scale-out File Server can use an CSV
  • CSV supports Bitlocker
  • CSV supports Storage spaces
  • CSV supports backup
  • CSV supports Anti-Virus

Here are the resources I used to study up on this topic:

Use Cluster Shared Volumes in a Windows Server 2012 Failover Cluster

How to add storage to Clustered Shared Volumes in Windows Server 2012

How to Enable CSV Cache

Cluster Shared Volumes Reborn in Windows Server 2012: Deep Dive (Video)

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