Follow me and learn Windows Server 2012 – Installation Options

Night 23, by now some of you may be thinking about installing Windows Server 2012.  Well, you are going to have to make a choice.  Which user interface do you want?  Your choices are:

  • Server core installation – Command Window and PowerShell
  • Minimal Server Interface – All of the above plus MMC and some Control Panel applets
  • Server with GUI – All of the above plus Windows Explorer, Taskbar, IE, Help, and All of Control Panel
  • Full Desktop Experience - All of the above plus Themes, Windows 8 Shell, Windows Store and apps and Media player

The good news is, it really does not matter which interface you choose.  You now have the option to convert between the different interfaces.  So if you install core and feel you need the GUI, just add it (reboot required).

The default install is core.  This should be everybody’s first choice.  With all the new remote management ability there really is no reason  to log onto a server locally.  All day to day activities can be done remotely.  

These are the links I used to learn about  Windows Server 2012 Installation:

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