Follow me and learn Windows Server 2012 – Virtual Machine Live Migration/Storage Migration

Day 15, the half-way point on my quest. Yup Bruce is still doing it!  Tonight I’m studying Virtual Machine Live Migration, Storage Migration, and Simplified imports.  This topic can be broken down it to many scenarios:

  • Live migration on non-cluster servers
    • Live Migration with no infrastructure
    • Live Migration of the Virtual Machine while the storage remains on a central SMB share
  • Live migration on Windows Failover Cluster – when you need to guarantee availability
  • Live migration between Windows Failover Clusters
  • Storage migration between drives in the hyper-v box

Because of the mobility here I am starting to consider, whenever possible placing server roles on a hyper-v box even if it is a single role on the box.  This gives me the option to move the role to any other hyper-v box.  Consider the possibilities.

When testing Live Migration and Storage Migration watch out for security, it might byte you,  you will need to understand constrained delegation!

Below are some links to help you study this topic.

Building Flexible Hyper-V Environments Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Live Migration and Live Storage Migration

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Configure and Use Live Migration on Non-clustered Virtual Machines

Deploy Hyper-V over SMB

Virtual Machine Storage Migration Overview

Simplified Import Overview

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  1. nguyener says:

    I have a question a bout live migration.  I set up a system which has two cluster nodes and one share storage.  I created a virtual server and migrated it.  It happened that migration from one node to another, let say from A to B is very normal (around 30s), but the other way around is super slow (12 minutes) .  My two nodes are identical.  Any tip for troubleshooting?  

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