Yes,  I know I am departing from my main theme of perfmon, but.  I have been asked so often “Where did the start button go, I want it back!”  I had to come up with an answer.

For me switching from Windows 7 to Windows 8 has been a learning curve (not a bad one).  But I too wanted my “Start Menu” on the desktop.  Well as far as I know you can not have it back.  BUT!  I found something close.  Here is what the final product looks like:



You might try “Right Clicking” in the lower left hand corner.  You might just find what you are  looking for.  Or you can try pressing the “Windows Key” +X

I really recommend you spend the time to learning that new interface.  Once you do I’m sure you will love it and not want to revert back to the old ways 

Here is a great link to get you started: Getting around in Windows 8


In the above link you will find a great chart of all of the hot keys.


PS I love my SONOS players!

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  1. Grumpy me says:

    I dont like windows without start button and the new interface is ugly and not user friendly. I will install Windows 7 on a brand new computer I just bought and just wanted to say – Vista is better than 8.

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