Hello World!

Hello World,

I have been pondering for quite some time “Should I have a blog? What should I blog about?  What could I possibly say that has not been said before?”

Well I now have a blog.  I am going blog about two things I spend a lot of time on.

  • Using Perfmon.exe, I notice that lots of people use tool but have very little idea on how to use it effectively. 
  • Defending the AD Realm. In my current role, I am defending AD from 3rd party applications and novice LDAP developers that pound the heck out of the DC. 

So stay tuned!  I plan to share my findings, thoughts and ideas.


Comments (10)
  1. LisaG says:

    welcome to the blogosphere!  

  2. Justin Durrant says:

    Can't wait!

  3. Torp says:

    Cant wait to hear some examples of "Novice LDAP Developers".  Feel an episode of Deja Vu coming on.  

  4. Tom Pryor says:

    Cool Deal.. I'll add this to my favorites list…

  5. premdesai says:

    Good to see a friendly face in the technet blogs 🙂

  6. donald.t.gullett@jpmchase.com says:

    Another human assimilated by the borg!

  7. satish says:

    Very nice..I look forward to the Perfmon blog and advise 🙂

  8. Vikram says:

    i look forward to learn 🙂

  9. iqbal says:

    Waiting to see it 🙂

  10. MaryE says:

    Ok, I am about to start reading your blogs and plan to read a section a night …….

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