Real world problems upgrading to Project Server 2013

I recently helped a customer upgrade from Project Server 2010 to Project Server 2013. In the course of preparing, testing, and then running the actual upgrade, we ran into 7 problems that affected the upgrade. I want to share these so you can include them in your upgrade planning. These problems can be planned for…


MUST READ: "Project Server and Synchronizing Users to Project Sites" by Brian Smith

Brian Smith has posted a very interesting blog article about synchronizing users in Project Server 2010 versus Project Server 2013.  He says there are behavior differences between Project Server 2010 and Project Server 2013 regarding user synchronization to project sites.  I quote, "One key part of this change should be taken into account when migrating…


Link to "SharePoint patching demystified" by Stefan Gossner

This link has been making the rounds lately and I wanted to share it.   SharePoint patching demystified by Stefan Gossner:


Moving Customized Project Workspace Templates Between Instances

Until recently, because I had never actually tried it, I thought that moving customized project workspace templates from Project Server 2007 to Project Server 2010 was simply a matter of saving a customized project workspace site as a template, then importing that template into Project Server 2010.  I decided to actually work through the steps…


Options for maintaining archival/historical Project Server 2007 data

I have a customer who will be installing and configuring Project Server 2010 this summer.  The upgrade plan is to configure Project Server 2010 as a fresh, new install with no data migration from Project Server 2007.  This being the case, the question came up about how to preserve the Project Server 2007 data.  I…