Disconnecting a single server from a SharePoint farm

How to remove a single SharePoint server from your server farm. Performing these steps will remove the server from the SharePoint farm.  Generally speaking, customers will NOT want to do this unless at the direction of a Microsoft support professional. Launch the SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard from the Start menu. Follow these steps.


Find and Manage Updates for SharePoint 2010/2013 and Project Server 2010/2013

I've always maintained a list of my own links to updates, but I learned of these two links today.  You can find and manage updates for SharePoint and Project Server with these two links.  I hope you find this useful; they both hold a coveted spot in my favorites for CUs now. Find and manage…


Link to "SharePoint patching demystified" by Stefan Gossner

This link has been making the rounds lately and I wanted to share it.   SharePoint patching demystified by Stefan Gossner:  http://blogs.technet.com/b/stefan_gossner/archive/2014/08/19/sharepoint-patching-demystified.aspx


Project 2010 and Project Server 2010 Service Pack 2 (SP2) Released!

Service Pack 2 (SP2) for Project 2010 and Project Server 2010 has been released. http://blogs.technet.com/b/projectsupport/archive/2013/07/23/project-2010-and-project-server-2010-service-pack-2-sp2-released.aspx As with any service pack (SP) or cumulative update (CU), please run the installation and perform functionality validation testing in a test environment using the link below before installing in production. http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/gg502592(v=office.14).aspx


Microsoft Project Server 2007, 2010 and 2013 February 2013 CU Announcement

Microsoft Project Server 2007, 2010 and 2013 February 2013 CU Announcement here http://blogs.technet.com/b/projectsupport/archive/2013/02/14/microsoft-project-server-2007-2010-and-2013-february-2013-cu-announcement.aspx You can also get the downloads from here: Update center for Office, Office servers, and related products http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/office/ee748587.aspx


Moving Customized Project Workspace Templates Between Instances

Until recently, because I had never actually tried it, I thought that moving customized project workspace templates from Project Server 2007 to Project Server 2010 was simply a matter of saving a customized project workspace site as a template, then importing that template into Project Server 2010.  I decided to actually work through the steps…


Configuring Excel Service Application for Business Intelligence Center in PWA

My teammate went on vacation and asked me to demonstrate reporting using the Excel Service Application in Project Server 2010 for reporting to his customer.  He thanked me profusely for stepping in to cover him and then hightailed it out of the office.  Huh.  Now, I have to figure out how to set this up…


Microsoft Project Server and Sharepoint Server 2007 and 2010 June 2012 CU Announcement

Links to the Project Admin Blog and Brian Smith’s blog concerning the release of the June 2012 CU. Project Admin Blog announcement Brian Smith’s Blog announcement If you haven’t already, please develop test procedures to use before and after testing the upgrade in a TEST environment.  Use the same procedures in PROD when you install…