Actual hours can move in a plan

I have been working on actual work hours mismatches between timesheets and project plans. Kate Simpson, Senior Support Escalation Engineer, and I came across a situation where Project Online will move actual hours a resource has already entered and submitted, if the same resource moves the Start of the task after the original task update has been approved…


Team members receive Access Denied when accessing Project Details

Problem: Team member with My Tasks set by Team Members template and the same for Global Permissions. Team member user goes to PWA > Project Center and clicks on a project name to open the Project Detail Pages. Receives message:          Workflow Status           Access Denied            Basic Info           Details            To work around: Go to PWA > Server Settings…


Project Server 2010 Queue is VERY Slow

I ran into a problem with a customer late last week that I had never encountered before.  That's not really saying much, but the solution surprised me! The timesheet queue was filled with “waiting to be processed” jobs that had begun to pile up on Friday morning.  There were more than 7,000 jobs waiting to…


Register for the Feb 2011 CU Webcast for Project Server!

  TechNetWebcast: Information about Microsoft Project and Project Server February 2012Software Update (Level 200) Tuesday,March 13, 2012 – 8:00 AM – 9:15 AM Pacific Time AdrianJenkins, Escalation Engineer, Microsoft Corporation BrianSmith, Senior Support Escalation Engineer, Microsoft Corporation


Auto Accept of Task Updates by Status Manager with Rule

A customer called me complaining that the Status Manager on several tasks in a project was not receiving task updates sent by resources (Project Server 2007).  The Status Manager had a rule in PWA > Task Updates under Actions > Manage Rules that automatically approved all task updates, so the update approval should have been a…


Changing the Days to Weeks for Entering Actuals in My Tasks

A Project Server 2007 customer called me this morning to ask how to change the My Tasks view to show Days for entering Actual Work rather than Weeks. I’ve done this before and I though immediately of editing the web part to change that, but it turns out that wasn’t the right choice.  It took…