Actual hours can move in a plan

I have been working on actual work hours mismatches between timesheets and project plans. Kate Simpson, Senior Support Escalation Engineer, and I came across a situation where Project Online will move actual hours a resource has already entered and submitted, if the same resource moves the Start of the task after the original task update has been approved…


403 error in IE when accessing the Project Online OData feed URL

This morning, I fired up my Microsoft Edge browser to connect to my demo tenant for Project Online and access the OData feed URL. After a few minutes ensuring I had the correct URL (and turning off my Insert key) for the odata feed, I was still unable to get the output in the browser…


Where did "Close tasks to updates" go in Project Server 2013/Project Online?

In performing some troubleshooting today for Project Online, I went to "Close tasks to updates" for the plan I was working with and did not find it under Server Settings > Time and Task Management. Turns out, it moved! Close tasks to update now equals "Locked" in a PWA view. I had to edit a Project…


Email notifications available in Project Online

Email notifications are available now in Project Online! Turn on notifications in Project Online – Get email reminders about your work in Project Online –


SharePoint and Project Online roadmaps

I thought I had posted about this already. Go to the Office 365 Customer Success Center to see the Office 365 Roadmap – By searching for Project Online or SharePoint online, you can see what new things have been launched, are rolling out, in development, or cancelled.


"From the Trenches" white papers about enterprise project management

Whether you're new to project management or a seasoned professional, it can be helpful to have resources, such as white papers, from experts in the field. Project community experts, including Microsoft MVPs and partners, have submitted the following white papers for our "From the trenches" collection. These white papers contain useful information that can help…


Periodic Tasks for Project Server Administrators

Periodic Tasks for Project Server Administrators   Daily Check the queue for Failed and Blocking jobs.  Review the errors related to failed and blocking jobs to troubleshoot. Check for nightly cube build failures. Cancel Failed and Blocking jobs. Weekly Review application and event logs on WFEs, APP servers, and the SQL Server. Use the ULS…


Best Practices for Project Server 2010, 2013, and Online Permissions

The cardinal rule of permissions: Keep It Simple   The highest rule of permissions best practice is to keep your permissions scheme simple.  If you can use the default categories, groups, and permissions with only minor changes, or none at all, do so! Avoid creating unnecessary groups and categories. Having a large number of groups…


A feature/function comparison of Project Online and Project Server 2013

If you are wondering what the differences are between Project Online and Project Server 2013, here's a useful link. Project Online and Project Server 2013 on-premises are based on the same set of features and functionality, but there are differences between the two. The following table provides an overview of the differences between Project Online and…


Alerts and Reminders in Project Online

Today, I learned that Alerts and Reminders isn't available in Project (2013) Online. Edited 2014-01-15: But wait, there's more…