Turning off Access Requests in all sites in a web app

My customer uses Jive instead of Yammer for internal social media. Jive is housed in SharePoint 2013 on premises. The question came up of how to turn off access requests to Jive sites because they are not needed. The customer wanted all checkboxes in this widget turned off on all sites in the web app…


Lesser Used Features in the Project Desktop Client: Add object to task

This series covers the Microsoft Project 2016 and Project Online desktop client’s lesser known and underutilized features. In this short presentation, I will cover adding objects to a task in three minutes nine seconds.  


Please upvote product suggestions on UserVoice

I was reviewing UserVoice input for suggestions about CSOM accessing Project Online and Project Server on premises. I found several suggestions that have high vote counts and which have affected my Project Online customers. Can I ask you to upvote these suggestions? Clone Project Online PWA instances – https://microsoftproject.uservoice.com/forums/218133-microsoft-project/suggestions/15330594-clone-project-online-pwa-instances Provide support for backup and restore of…


Providing notes to resources on their timesheets

My customer wanted to provide text notes to a resource about a task. The requirement that made this challenging was that the text notes had to be on the user’s timesheet. The notes would define what “success” looked like and help the resource determine if he was done with the task. Any resource can create…


“Due to organizational policies, you can’t access these resources”

I attempted to connect to my Project Online instance today with Project 2016 using my administrator account and could not. I received a short message stating “Due to organizational policies, you can’t access these resources”.  I was using a virtual machine in my test bed, so attempted the same on my workstation and found I…