Team member sync to project site

I had a good laugh today over this problem because it's one I've run into before and then forgotten the solution.

My customer emailed me saying he had set up his Project Server 2016 on premises farm.

He was creating projects and assigning resources to tasks. But, when he published the plans, none of the team members were getting synced to the project site so they can't access any documents or lists.

I set up a PS2016 instance as quick as I could and tried this with SharePoint permissions and with Project Server permissions and I got the same result, no sync, when I thought a timer job would be created to do the sync for me.

I happened to have a call with another PFE at Microsoft and we were both thinking there was a checkbox somewhere to fix this but we just couldn't remember where.

Finally, we found Server Settings > Manage User Sync Settings. The default is to NOT synch team members, so you have to turn it on.

Now, I just need to remember I posted about this the next time this happens to a customer!


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