Changing the Days to Weeks for Entering Actuals in My Tasks

A Project Server 2007 customer called me this morning to ask how to change the My Tasks view to show Days for entering Actual Work rather than Weeks. I’ve done this before and I though immediately of editing the web part to change that, but it turns out that wasn’t the right choice.  It took…


How to Access All Available Commands in Project 2010

Every now and then, I find myself hunting for a command in Project 2010.  Because of the Ribbon, things aren’t where they used to be in Project 2007 and a menu driven guy like me becomes easily confused.  I’ve found a simple way to get access to all the commands at once and I’m going…


Backward Compatibility Mode in Project Server 2010 After Upgrade

If you are testing Project Server 2010 by upgrading your Project Server 2007 databases in a test environment, then you may notice that the new 2010 feature of manual scheduling is not available.  I worked with a customer today who had performed an upgrade in his test environment and noticed that the great new feature…


How to Create Custom Views in Project Professional 2007 and 2010

How to Create Custom Views in Project Professional 2007 and 2010   Custom views are an extremely powerful way to relay critical information when you use a lot of enterprise custom fields (ECF).  Because ECFs, by definition, are not included in default views, you can add them to default views or create your own custom…


Quick Demo: How calendars work in Project Professional

A customer told me that “the calendars don’t work right” in Project Professional 2007, so I created a demo of what to expect using screenshots and a simple plan where you apply a calendar with no days off except weekends and the single day of December 9, 2011.  It turns out, the customer’s problem was…


SharePoint Server 2010 Update Testing Procedure

SharePoint Server 2010 Service Pack and Cumulative Update Testing Process      Contents   Disclaimer 3 1.      Software Updates Overview.. 4 2.      Documentation and Testing Schedule. 5 2.1        This Document 5 2.2        Document the Environment 5 2.3        Validated Current/Future Service Packs and Cumulative Updates Doc. 6 2.4     Schedule of Testing and Maintenance Windows. 6 3.     …


How to quiesce a SharePoint 2010 farm.

There is no longer an option in the SharePoint 2010 Central Administration page to “quiesce farm” as there was in SharePoint 2007. Stsadm commands article To quiesce SharePoint 2010, run this stsadm command:  stsadm -o quiescefarm -maxduration n To unquiesce SharePoint 2010, run this stsadm command:  stsadm -o unquiescefarm