Periodic Tasks for Project Managers

Periodic Tasks for Project Managers     Daily  Check the queue for Failed and Blocking jobs related to your plan in Server Settings > My Queued Jobs.  Review the errors related to failed and blocking jobs to troubleshoot.  Cancel Failed and Blocking jobs and/or re-submit them if required.  Check email notifications for the resources for undue…


Tell the Product Group what you want to see!

The Product Group wants to know how Microsoft can improve SharePoint Server, SharePoint Online, Project Desktop, Project Server, and Project Online. You can lend your voice to the SharePoint and Project Server product group’s choices for functionality!   Here are the links to provide feedback at For Project: For SharePoint:    …


403 error in IE when accessing the Project Online OData feed URL

This morning, I fired up my Microsoft Edge browser to connect to my demo tenant for Project Online and access the OData feed URL. After a few minutes ensuring I had the correct URL (and turning off my Insert key) for the odata feed, I was still unable to get the output in the browser…


Time to create timesheet periods for 2016!

My customers are starting to send me questions about setting up timesheets for 2016, so here's what you need: PS2010: Create bulk time reporting periods (Project Server 2010 settings) – Project Online: Create bulk time reporting periods – Also, please review the common administrator tasks as we will end a quarter and a…


Where did "Close tasks to updates" go in Project Server 2013/Project Online?

In performing some troubleshooting today for Project Online, I went to "Close tasks to updates" for the plan I was working with and did not find it under Server Settings > Time and Task Management. Turns out, it moved! Close tasks to update now equals "Locked" in a PWA view. I had to edit a Project…


Email notifications available in Project Online

Email notifications are available now in Project Online! Turn on notifications in Project Online – Get email reminders about your work in Project Online –


SharePoint and Project Online roadmaps

I thought I had posted about this already. Go to the Office 365 Customer Success Center to see the Office 365 Roadmap – By searching for Project Online or SharePoint online, you can see what new things have been launched, are rolling out, in development, or cancelled.


MPUG has a neat article about reporting in Project Server.

If you are not subscribed to receive updates from, I would recommend you subscribe. Because I'm subscribed, I received email notification of new posts today and was interested by this post, which I think others may find useful.


Real world problems upgrading to Project Server 2013

I recently helped a customer upgrade from Project Server 2010 to Project Server 2013. In the course of preparing, testing, and then running the actual upgrade, we ran into 7 problems that affected the upgrade. I want to share these so you can include them in your upgrade planning. These problems can be planned for…