SNMP Queries

I recently help someone out getting a monitor working that uses the System.SnmpQueryProvider module in the System.Snmp.Library management pack to perform a query against an SNMP device.  They were getting back an error message showing some cryptic characters in the community string.  They were just providing simple text like "public" for the CommunityString parameter on…


Update to the Maintenance Mode Sample MP

Andrzej Lipka, a fellow consultant in Poland, took my maintenance mode sample MP and added some interesting features.  Have a look at the specific post here.  I also added a link to Andrzej’s blog to my general list since he has some great posts on OpsMgr and SCCM.


Using Wildcards with the Windows Service Template

The Windows Service template in the Operations Console lets you discover and monitor a Windows service by doing little more than typing in the service name.  I was just talking with someone who had a situation where the name of the service includes the local computer name meaning that it’s different on every computer.  It’s…


Scheduling Groups of Objects for Maintenance Mode

I was given a challenge recently to come up with a solution for an organization that wanted to suppress any alerts for certain computers and services during a particular time window every night.  The particular set of objects and the times in question had to be manageable by the administrators – preferably from the Operations…


Management Pack Authoring Guide (Told you)

Just a few days ago, I mentioned that the new Operations Manager 2007 Management Pack Authoring Guide was going to be released “very soon”.  Sure enough, it’s been posted at This is the guide that all of us in the authoring community have been waiting on for some time.  At 238 pages, it provides…


Dynamically populating component groups in Operations Manager 2007 Distributed Applications

This is one I’ve been asked about several times and am finally getting around to blogging the answer.  The Distributed Application Designer in Operations Manager 2007 makes creating and modifying distributed applications quite easy.  You can create a component group with a few clicks and then drag in managed objects that are related to the…


Exporting Management Packs

Obviously, /a great way to learn how to author a management pack is to look at existing ones.  The problem is that most of the interesting ones are sealed so you can’t read the file, and the Operations Console won’t allow you to export a sealed management pack.  This is actually very easy using Command…


Targeting Rules and Monitors

The concept of what target to use for a particular rule or monitor in OpsMgr 2007 seems to be one that people are struggling with.  The confusion is most prevelant among people who have had experience with MOM 2005 since the methods have completely in changed.  In MOM 2005, you would apply rule groups to computer…