MMS 2009

A bit wiped out after delivering four consecutive sessions on management pack authoring.  I'm impressed with people who made it through the entire five hours.  That was definitely not light content.  Seems like they were well received though. 

The sample management  pack that I showed along with a document describing  the MP and the sample application that it's based on is on the OpsManJam site.  I'm planning on continuously updating this MP as l create other example scenarios.  I thought that would be more interesting than continuing to do random examples, and l can keep them all packaged up in one clean MP.  I'm also getting tired of all the random little XML files l have cluttering up my MP library.

I'm getting mocked quite a bit at the conference about my lack of blog updates.  Now that I've gotten through these presentations as well as some other training l was working on, l should be able to get to that.

Comments (1)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Bwren, the sessions you gave on Monday were some of the best from I was at for MMS. Keep up the good work.

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