MP Author Resource Kit

I realize I haven’t posted anything in awhile – mainly due to my recent change of job within Microsoft (more information on that later).  I had to get off my lazy butt to write this post though because the MP Author Resource Kit was just released today.  I’ve had the opportunity to play with a…


Sample Application for SP1

Attached to this post is a version of my sample application for Operations Manager SP1.  This has the process monitor removed that relies on the modules in R2.  Demo.StoreApp.xml


PowerShell Scripts in a Management Pack Part 2

In a previous blog post, I explained how to run PowerShell scripts from a management pack.  I honestly don’t remember why I titled that “Part 1” because I don’t remember what I figured that Part 2 was going to be.  Turns out that using the native PowerShell modules in OpsMgr R2 is a perfect topic…


Sample Application Dependencies

I’ve had a couple of people tell me that the sample application I used for my MMS presentations won’t load in their environment.  That’s because the management pack requires the OpsMgr R2 beta.  It won’t load into an SP1 management group.  I used a monitor in there from the new process monitoring MP in R2. …


R2 Authoring Console

I’ve been getting this question quite a bit, so I thought I’d give a quick answer to it.  The question is whether we can use the R2 Authoring Console to create management packs for SP1.  The answer is that you absolutely can – with a minor caveat.  There is nothing different about the structure of…


MMS 2009

A bit wiped out after delivering four consecutive sessions on management pack authoring.  I’m impressed with people who made it through the entire five hours.  That was definitely not light content.  Seems like they were well received though.  The sample management  pack that I showed along with a document describing  the MP and the sample…


SNMP Queries

I recently help someone out getting a monitor working that uses the System.SnmpQueryProvider module in the System.Snmp.Library management pack to perform a query against an SNMP device.  They were getting back an error message showing some cryptic characters in the community string.  They were just providing simple text like "public" for the CommunityString parameter on…