MMS Command Shell Presentation

As promised, here are all the samples that I am showing in my MMS session on Command Shell.  There are also a several samples I’m planning on mentioning but won’t have time to show.  Hope it’s helpful. Given the length of the this, chances are pretty good that I have an error somewhere.  Please let…


Update to the Maintenance Mode Sample MP

Andrzej Lipka, a fellow consultant in Poland, took my maintenance mode sample MP and added some interesting features.  Have a look at the specific post here.  I also added a link to Andrzej’s blog to my general list since he has some great posts on OpsMgr and SCCM.


Using Wildcards with the Windows Service Template

The Windows Service template in the Operations Console lets you discover and monitor a Windows service by doing little more than typing in the service name.  I was just talking with someone who had a situation where the name of the service includes the local computer name meaning that it’s different on every computer.  It’s…


Great Minds Think Alike

I just got done with my previous post on setting maintenance mode for a group of objects, and I happened to check Boris Yanushpolsky’s blog.   Bori’s blog is an outstanding reference for various Command Shell scripts, and I have to give him credit for helping me come up to speed on several concepts.  Turns out…