Management Pack Authoring Guide (Told you)

Just a few days ago, I mentioned that the new Operations Manager 2007 Management Pack Authoring Guide was going to be released "very soon".  Sure enough, it's been posted at

This is the guide that all of us in the authoring community have been waiting on for some time.  At 238 pages, it provides a ton of information on management pack concepts, structuring work flows, creating custom modules, etc.  It also includes a complete reference on the XML schema of a management pack.

This is a first version of the authoring guide, and it will be getting updated with additional information.  One topic with minimal information in this version is the details of writing a script in a management pack.  I'm going to get out a blog entry out later this week on this topic to get some of the basics out there until the guide itself provides complete details on it.

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