Get $20 MSFT Coupon, maybe win Laptop, for Downloading and Learning????

Microsoft just launced this program – “Explore Microsoft’s Private Cloud”. In
this program we are offering $20 to our customers to learn about our “Private
Cloud”. The first 5,000 people to follow these steps get a $20 voucher to spend
at the Microsoft Online Store and everyone who completes this learning gets
entered in a drawing to win one of three Lenovo W520 laptops with 32 Gig of

I have a Lenovo W520 with 16 Gig of ram and the thing rocks. I use our “boot
to VHD” technology to dual boot it so it is both my desktop with Windows 7 and
my Hyper-V server with Server 2008R2.

All it takes is to download Microsoft’s Private Cloud evaluation software,
Explore its features in a Virtual Lab, and get Rewarded with a $20 Microsoft
Online Store Promo Code and registered to win a Laptop! You can enter for the
laptop drawing until June 30, 2012. Winners will be notified in July. (Notice:
the downloads are large. Several Gig)

It’s free and easy to get started today!

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