Content and Code: Cloud Service Offerings Event

Microsoft and Google are going head to head in a bid to win the next business platform; the cloud. But what is all the hype around Microsoft and Google’s Cloud Services Offerings about? Content and Code are hosting an exclusive event on the 17th August at New Broad Street House, where you can see both offerings in action, learn about the differences between the two and decide which will drive the right results for your organisation. Content and Code will compare the two leaders in cloud computing with live demonstrations, to help you choose the best service for your organisation. Come and learn about Office 365 and Google Apps and see how they compare with regard to security, messaging, collaboration and communication, as well as discover the strengths and weaknesses of each platform.
The Key Features of the event:

Security: How do Microsoft and Google view and implement security?

Messaging: Features and benefits of both Exchange Online and Gmail

Collaboration: Differences between SharePoint Online, Office 2010 and Google docs

Communications: Comparing Office Communicator Online and Live Meeting with Google Talk and Google Voice

Mobile: Comparing the strengths of the Windows Phone 7 and Google's Android phone

Live demonstrations of both platforms

For further information on the event or to register, please contact Amber McCormack.

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