Where are my PSTs..?

I regular discuss the native Exchange 2010 On-line archiving functionality when talking to customers – details can be found here

The next question is often: “So how do i find my PSTs..?” There are number of options on the market, but came across this one the first time this morning:


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  1. Steve Tobin says:

    I certainly do agree with you.  Outlook PST"s are, and have been, the one major perpetrator of data sprawl when it comes to Microsoft Exchange messaging environments that MIcrosoft has yet to provide a solution for.  For most companies who are trying to get their arms around their  intellectual property and manage it, there hasnt been any options to do so until Fortisware developed this product.  Sure there are alot of 3rd party email archiving soltuions out there that will find PST's, but they all share one caviat, and that is that they only allow you to import the PST's into a propriertary file format specific to the vendor on a totally different tier of storage.    For most companies who are not bound by any legal compliance laws to implement an archiving solution, dont find this a practical and cost effective approach.

    Fortisware's PST Finder allows you to not only find (non intrusively) PST's in your enterprise, but gives you a ton of options as what to do with them when you locate them.  A few of the most important (not provided by anyone today) are being able to import them directly into the users Exchange mailbox or even to a central share somewhere on your network until you figure out what you want to do with them.  

    We used this product recently in our environment to scan a combination of 4500 file servers and workstations.  Thank you FOrtisware!

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