So I’m being a bit lazy and not re-wording this, but not sure I could have done a better job. Thanks Nathan..! Not sure I can make it to the beach though..!

As you may know for the last five years, the Mark Minasi Forum – http://www.minasi.com/forum has run a Conference in Virginia Beach, VA, USA.  It features authors, speakers, journalists, famous IT pros and MVP's, all sharing their expertise in a uniquely open, educational and fun conference.

We are looking to kick start publicity by mailing people with influential blogs/websites and those who have participated in the Minasi Forum/Conference in some way in the past. It would be great if you could help create a big buzz about the Minasi Conference 2010.
It would be fantastic if you could help out by blogging about it or tweeting about it, or posting on LinkedIn or FaceBook etc.  All the details and the agenda are on the website: www.minasiconference.com.  If you do talk about it could you please include the URL of the site?

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